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About Amrd (2)

IT MSPs (Managed Service Providers)

Add to your service offering by utilising our digital security products.


If you’re an authorised FSP in South Africa, you can register as a Partner and offer our products to your clients.

The products are not financial and therefore don’t constitute giving advice of a financial nature – referring these to clients is not regulated by the FAIS Act.

Other Organisations

If you have clients that would benefit from our products, you can make these available to them.


Armd Asset 01

Offer clients valuable solutions that enhance their risk mitigation

Armd Asset 10 10

Be part of the digital economy

Diversify Your Business with relevant (non-insurance) products

Diversify Your Business with relevant (non-insurance) products

Armd Asset 03

Earn commission on each successful sale

Steps to become a Partner


Register as a partner

Joining our partner program is easy – the first step is to create a free account.


Activate your registration

Once your account is created, you’ll receive a mail to click and activate your registration.


Receive a unique referral link

Once your registration is accepted, you’ll receive a mail with your login details and unique link to the website.

Note: A unique link means your unique Partner ID is linked. When a client clicks on this link you’ll be recognised as the Partner who referred them to the site, and if they buy a product you’ll earn your commission.

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