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Introducing advance risk mitigation, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance solutions for businesses. provides cyber security risk mitigation solutions to South African businesses of all sizes with a focus on SMEs. We also provide insights into regulatory environments in the context of our secure cyber solutions. is based in Cape Town, South Africa and was formed as a division of Genlib in August 2022. Genlib is an authorised FSP (Financial Services Provider) providing innovative insurance solutions to Brokers and their clients in South Africa since 2008.

Find out more about what we do, our goal, and what we stand for below.

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Our goal is to provide South African companies and organisations with easy access to the tools they need to deal with modern-day problems in the most efficient way possible – achieving more with less cost and less effort.

Our vision is to help companies mitigate their risks ahead of time, avoiding negative incidents and the need to call on their insurance policy or face regulatory penalties because a preventable incident has taken place.

Our mission is to provide digital online solutions which are easily accessible to all South African organisations, large or small.

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Simplify identification of cyber security risks

We want to make it as simple as possible for a business owner to identify cyber security risks inherent in their business. For this reason, we partnered with STORM Guidance, a London-based specialist cyber risk and cyber incident advisory firm, in order to make their service accessible through an online portal.

Provide risk mitigation solutions

While there will always be a place for insurance (risk transfer), we believe a paradigm shift to advance risk mitigation is required in order to adequately respond to the type of digital threats we now all face. Risk mitigation solutions are also becoming a necessary precursor to insurance underwriting and regulatory compliance.

With this in mind, came about to provide non-insurance cyber risk products to the market.

“You’re safe because I’m safe, and I’m safe because you’re safe”

Another core belief we have at is that we’re all interconnected. As more companies begin securing themselves, they begin to weave a cluster of safety which gradually expands. We want to be part of helping this happen.  In fact, this interconnectedness was part of the motivation for our logo.

In today’s business landscape, it’s more important than ever to have a strong digital risk management strategy in place. With the increasing reliance on technology, businesses are exposed to a variety of risks, including data breaches, cyber-attacks, network downtime, business interruption, and brand & reputation risk.

While these risks can’t be completely eliminated, they can be mitigated. Our website vulnerability scanning product can assist with operational efficiency, form part of your organisation’s cyber security solutions and become part of other long-term cyber risk mitigation strategies.

Organisations also have the opportunity to become a partner and earn commission on sales.

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In the digital age, organisations are constantly under threat.’s solution is geared to help protect your business with proactive digital risk mitigation services that will keep your business safer in today’s connected world.

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